We are structured to work in all european countries and several no european countries.


Our experience, over 40 years long, gained in specific fields of industrial automation, such as  aluminium extrusion plant, aluminium painting plant, lines for packing of aluminium profiles, allowed us to become a reference point in industrial mechanic construction.


Our engineering, research and development sectors  work in team with construction line, this allows a constant and a continuous innovation.


We design, build and install machines and complete process lines, we also can personalize every of mechanic part the plant according to your needs

Design and Italian technology, custom applications for specific needs of very complex industrial production processes.


Our framework is divided in specific sectors for every development phase:

  • Engineering, research and development,
  • Mechanic and electric  design for automation,
  • Mechanic construction,
  • electrical installations for automation and PLC software,
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and scheduled intervention,
  • technical intervention,
  • Revamping,

We have a suitable zone for mechanic construction, storerooms for spare parts, a lab for testing and an office for design, researching and development

Our company is set in Industrial site of Mazzocchio, Pontinia in the province of Latina, Italy.