Machines for punching of aluminium sheets

We design and produce machines for punching aluminium sheets, those should be painted subsequently. In special way, We have developed:

• automatic machine for punching aluminium sheets, that allows to realize the holes for the hook according to a set and programmable step

This machine is controlled by an encoder, that measures progress of sheet on roller conveyor and when arrived to the set  step it sends, by PLC, the signal to effect punching operation

Whole machine is built on linear guideways using ball bearings to follow the process of aluminium sheet along the roller conveyor, while the reset operation occurs automatically by special pneumatic system


• manual machines for punching aluminium sheets and profiles

This machine is made by a manual switching pneumatic valve, that controls the  punch . To carry out a hole you have only to place the profile or sheet inside the  mould and press the switch of the valve. Shapes and dimensions of the hole are  custom according to your needs